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Hand crafted jewelry full of character

Nice of you to check us out. You are most welcome in our little world of jewelry. Have a look at our various creations and find out about ourselves and our creative philosophies.

Silberring Diamanten fassen Goldschmiede Wallnöfer im Schlerngebiet
since 1980

For 40 years we have been working in our family-run goldsmith premises. We take joy in creating individual and home-designed pieces of jewelry. For us, originality, quality and manual work come first.

Our premise in Völs am Schlern

Our premise is located in the historic centre of Völs am Schlern, a village in the vicinity of the Seiser Alm. The workshop and the modern interior represent the centre of our worlds to us, that is, besides our families of course. Being a goldsmith is more than just a profession, it is a passion. To see the transformation from raw materials into a very special piece of jewelry is a wonderful experience. However, we do not only create new pieces, we also re-work existing pieces of jewelry and conduct repairs of your precious pieces.

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to detail

Goldschmiede Wallnöfer is South Tyrolean craft work at its best and guarantees highest quality and individuality

In our workshops in the Schlern area of South Tyrol we create jewelry characterised by style and originality. We do not take our inspirations from fashion trends and well-known designers but follow our own ideas instead. Our jewelry reflects our attention to detail, to intelligent combinations of materials and that special touch when it comes to proportions and shapes.

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and our masterly creations

Our jewelry displays an intelligent connection of shape and colour, which suits your modern and individual daily style. Individualism and hand-crafting are valued by all age groups, which enables us to do our work passionately.

Your own idea – that special touch

We welcome anybody who craves for an exceptional piece of jewelry, and would love to discuss their ideas. We can then create an individual piece of jewelry full of personal character. This does not mean that the piece becomes inaffordable, it just means it has been indivually crafted.