We use gold and silver to produce our rings, even as Parure with matching rings or earrings. One of our passions are coloured gemstone necklaces, which we turn into something special through the way we work the stones or by combining them with hand crafted additional parts. We do the same with our pearl necklaces, which means you can wear them both with an elegant dress of with a destroyed pair of denims.

children’s jewelry

We have created beautiful jewelry for our little ones’ baptism celebrations. All guardian angels and all crosses are carefully hand crafted. We combine pendants with coloured gemstone bracelets, which means that these beautiful pieces of jewelry can be worn even before the baptism ceremony and will not disappear afterwards.

wedding bands

Wedding bands symbolize eternity. We manufacture individual wedding bands carefully crafted after an initial conversation with the happy couple. We offer a range of models, from the classical 18 ct yellow red or white gold to individual bands in combinations of gold and silver. Applications of domestic or exotic timber particles may add individual personal traits to the wedding band.


A woman without earrings is unimaginable to many. Those daily companions are part of who we are, which is why we design and create earrings which are simple and can easily be combined with many outfits and which remain special at the same time. But we also have extraordinary pieces which accentuate the personality of the person who wears them.


Jewelry stresses your individuality and personality. Men’s jewelry is hard to find, hence it is important to create very special pieces of jewelry which are not the run of the mill. These range from metal and gemstone based jewellery, bracelets in leather and metal to rings and earrings. Personalised key rings add their individualistic message and become important companions.