The origin of all hand crafted pieces of jewelry

Our goldsmith workshop since 1980

We create original jewelry you will recognise in our two modern workshops in Völs am Schlern and Kastelruth.

Werkstatt der Goldschmiede Wallnöfer Wallnöfer Karin und Mauroner Markus
our workshop

Our style

Over the years we have created our own style and we live our creativity without being dictated to by the mainstream. Hence we often employ traditional methods, such as to hammer, chisel, scratch and sizzle to achieve our crafty optics.

Karin’s Creations

I put a special spin on my creations comprising blackened silver, yellow gold and black and white diamonds. My other hobby horse are my baptismal pendants. I keep creating new little angels and crosses and add to them bracelets with colourful gemstones.

Walter’s signature

I like the combination of raw gemstones and noble gold. My speciality lies in chiselling these stones and to then turn them into colliers, rings or earrings. I love letting my ideas run freely, particularly when I have opals, my favourite gemstones, to work with on my working space, which I turn into outstanding pieces of jewelry.

That very special piece of jewelry

The demand for a piece of jewelry with a special meaning or a personal message is constantly increasing. This is why we realise these unique creations only in very close cooperation with our customers. We love to incorporate the ideas coming from all sides.

This is a short summary of our services for you: